New Harvest

“New Harvest is the global nonprofit building the field of cellular agriculture”

Company Size
20+ Employees

New Harvest is a nonprofit research institute that supports open, public cultured meat research. Founded in 2004, we are the world’s longest-running organization dedicated to advancing the field of cellular agriculture.

Ten years ago, the concept of growing meat, milk, or eggs without farming animals was little more than science fiction.

Today, we see a burgeoning landscape of nearly one hundred cellular agriculture companies attracting over one billion dollars in investment, creating hundreds of jobs, and taste-testing prototypes on a regular basis.

These are the promising beginnings of a much longer story. The potential impact that cellular agriculture can have—for animals, for people, and for the planet—has yet to be realized.

New Harvests mission is to maximize the positive impact of cellular agriculture on the world.

Thier mission is about building the field while also ensuring that cellular agriculture delivers on its promises to end our dependence on animal agriculture, reduce the impact of protein production on our environment and public health, and improve our global food system. We must acknowledge that positive impacts are not innately built into the advancement of technology.